Complete financial management of apartment buildings

For us, transparency and efficiency in financial management of the apartment buildings is our main priority.

We undertake on your behalf:

  • Collecting of all communal running operation expenses, providing alternate payment methods.  For safer transactions we use portable computers.
  • Payment of all the obligations required for apartment buildings to the suppliers (fuel oil, electricity, cleaning team, maintenance of elevator etc.). Payment of extra expenses will be made by our office upon instructions given from the building’s administrator or upon the general meeting of the tenants .  Each account is supported by the relevant documents which are scanned and made available to all the tenants of the building. Each bill is verified by the necessary sets, which we have scanned and are at disposal for the residents of the apartment building.
  • Book keeping of receipts – expenses of the building are computerized and continual kept updated for immediate cash flow, reserves, liabilities and debtors.  Information is given regarding cash report, reserves, obligations and debtors.
  • A lawyer will be consulted and assigned in cases of refusal to pay tenancy costs and will ask the building manager to take legal action in order to collect any debt.
  • Available upon request will be an annual financial report with customary account balancing of all documents for review and all transactions carried out on behalf of the apartment building.